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Liever telefonisch? Graag tussen 11u30 en 21u00. Voor groepen of arrangementen graag aanvraag via mail.
Prefer to book by phone? Thank you for calling us between 11u30-21u00. Reservations for larger groups or parties preferably by mail.

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How to get to Uilenspiegel Bruges?

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How to get to Uilenspiegel Bruges?

By car
Our address is Langestraat 2, 8000 Brugge. Here you can find a route discription on google maps.
Parking policy has recently changed in Bruges. Parking above ground has restricted hours. There is a public underground parking (Alfa Park 25€/night) just around the corner from our hotel. Alfa Park: Predikherenrei 4a, 8000 Brugge.
To guest who made a direct booking through Uilenspiegel, we also offer limited private parking at 20€/night upon reservation (

Arrival by air
Brussels Airport ( international airport) is located near Zaventem, Brussels. The city of Bruges is only a short train ride (1h15-1h45min) away. When arriving at the airport (arrival level) simply follow the signs to -1 below ground level. This will take you to the trainstation at Brussels Airport. You can buy  traintickets at the ticket booths or computer terminals. Some trains will have you make a connection in Brussels South (Zuid/Midi) trainstation, others will be a direct connection. All trains stop in Brussels (South (Zuid/Midi), Central and North) on their way to Bruges.

Belgium has a second airport in Charleroi (1h from Brussels). For marketing reasons they call this airport Brussels South Airport, however this often leads to confusion for people travelling to Belgium. Unlike Brussels Airport, Charleroi Airport has no direct train access to Bruges. However you can simply buy a ticket for the shuttle bus (outside of arrival terminal) which will take you to Brussels South trainstation (Brussel Zuid/Brussel Midi). From there you can connect to Bruges by train.

Arrival at Bruges’ trainstation
From our trainstation you can either walk, take a taxi or bus to Uilenspiegel in Langestraat 2, 8000 Brugge.

Bus/taxi? busses and taxi’s stop in front of the station (to your left when exiting the building). A taxi or bus ride (3€) will take you about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. Bus 6 and 16 have a stop almost right across from our building.

Walking? Simply cross the main square in front of our station, cross the street and follow our city walls (through the park) on your right. After crossing the first footbridge (view on the Lake of Love) you will walk in between trees of adjecent parks. At the first city gate/entrance bridge cross the street and keep following the walls until you reach a second city gate/entrance bridge. After a few minutes you will be crossing a modern footbridge with view on a side canal (and boats) to your left. Follow this canal and the boats and at the very end you will reach Uilenspiegel Restaurant overlooking another gorgeous canal.

Arrival at Uilenspiegel Brugge

If you have booked a room with us please come to the front entrance of the restaurant. Check-in is at the bar.
On Wednesdays or after opening hours a phone number is displayed on the door; please call this number and a staff member will be there in 15 minutes.

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